#SiliconValley should be afraid…#Congress is about to crush them

Screenshot 2018-03-23 at 08.59.02Silicon Valley is in panic mode. Executives and workers alike at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are freaking out.

Why? Here’s why: Everyone has had enough of the half-men, like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg running amok.

Zuckerberg and his colleagues at Google, YouTube, and Twitter are going to be hauled before Congress one after another to explain why they think it’s OK to sell for profit the personal information of virtually every American.

More importantly, they’re are going to have to explain why their manipulation of that data resulted in the most despised enemy of the Washington elites walking into the White House.

Social media wasn’t always like this. Its original intent was to provide an easily accessible place for people from all over the planet, to connect. You’d have thought that would be enough for Silicon Valley.

It wasn’t. As developers became more sophisticated it became clear to the Silicon Valley elites that manipulating and monetizing user’s personal data was where the cash was.

That worked great for everyone until the process bumped head-long into the Washington elites. They are going to make sure Silicon Valley takes the fall for allowing Donald Trump to become President.

Guess who’s going to win this fight…It should be fun to watch.



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