Drought planning doesn’t fit the California Leftist’s narrative

Screenshot 2018-04-09 at 05.52.15.pngAccording to the Mercury News, the state’s hydrologists believe that climate change will have a massive effect on our water supply in future decades.

As a result, water storage becomes a major concern. However that doesn’t fit the Leftist’s narrative at all.

Bleating Republicans (you know, the super-minority party) have been wringing their hands about the need for more storage as long as anyone can remember.

No matter. Environmentalists continue to say no.


One thought on “Drought planning doesn’t fit the California Leftist’s narrative

  1. Anyone who studies history.. KNOWS that Kaly is a Mediterranian climate and is subject to droughts… It’s normal to have droughts here.. What isn’t normal are the neo-Marxists living in complete denial over the water and the BS about climate change makes anything with water impossible for them to understand if they can link it to the massive hoax of Global Warming.. Just ask these dolts one question.. What ended the last ice age.. There were not any humans.. In fact .. ask them what ended the last 4 ice ages before the last one… You will get the Homer Simpson reply daaaahhhhhh..


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