In their alternative universe, the #CaGOP wins California

Screenshot 2018-04-09 at 06.39.58.png
Sebastian Gorka

In the alternative universe that California Republicans live in, Donald Trump’s 2016 victory is proof that even a deep-blue state like California can be won by Republicans.

That’s good news for former Trump White House adviser Sebastian Gorka who was in Riverside to cash in on a speaking gig before an audience of soon-to-be extinct California Republicans.

“I am here to tell you, it’s possible, even in California,” Gorka said to cheers and applause as the keynote speaker at the Fifth Annual Unite Inland Empire Conservative Conference according to the Orange County Register.


One thought on “In their alternative universe, the #CaGOP wins California

  1. At some point, we will see large grps of Kalys start to revolt. If you doubt me.. Look at the Kaly model called Venezuela. They have finally woke up .. The country started out like Kaly.. High hopes and a small minority pushing Marxism and the disasters now clear for all to see. They are leaving Venezuela by the millions.. Look at Kaly, business and citizens. they are now fleeing the Neo-Marxist Kaly being destroyed by the DemoRats.. . Sebastian may at some point be right.


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