Brutal racist sheriff, deputies, joke about executing citizens

Screenshot 2018-04-10 at 07.15.07.png
Racist sheriff jokes with deputies about executing citizens.

The Bakersfield California is reporting that the white racist Kern County Detention Officers Association released a video that shows Sheriff Donny Youngblood making shocking comments about police violence.

Racists like Youngblood and his deputies talk like this all the time.

Kevin Dees, the president of KCDOA, said the group was going through the video looking for campaign promises that Youngblood hadn’t fulfilled when they came across the statements made by Youngblood.

The union is supporting Youngblood’s challenger, Justin Fleeman, in the 2018 election.

Fleeman is the other racist candidate that the deputies are supporting.

Youngblood, in response to a question about officer training, said that detention deputies are trained more extensively than they used to be because of the cost the county faces when deputies kill or injure a person.

“There’s a good reason for that: millions and millions of dollars,” Youngblood said. “You know what happens if a guy makes a bad shooting on somebody — kills them,” Youngblood said. “Three million bucks and the family goes away.”

It’s “a totally different ballgame” when it happens in a jail to an inmate who is in restraints and surrounded by multiple officers, Youngblood said.

“It’s no different than when a deputy shoots someone on the streets, which way do you think is better financially? To cripple them or kill them, for the county,” Youngblood asks.

“Kill them,” said a voice from the audience.

“Absolutely,” Youngblood replies. “Because if we cripple them we get to take care of them for life, and that cost goes way up.”

This is how the police in California really are.


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