Chief Hahn and D.A. Schubert, and Mayor Steinberg are going to continue protecting killer cops in Sacramento

Screenshot 2018-04-11 at 07.29.48At the latest city council meeting in the wake of the Stephon Clark shooting, Sacramento’s police chief fielded questions from the mayor and officials for nearly two hours.

Capitol Public Radio reports that a capacity crowd, including more than five dozen speakers, also demanded accountability from the chief and his department on Tuesday night.

Chief Daniel Hahn spoke at length about a variety of policies, including de-escalation tactics and implicit bias. He admitted that the department needs to establish better rules for when officers should pursue a suspect on foot.

He also confirmed that officers are no longer allowed to turn off body cameras without permission from a supervisor, a change made in recent days after two officers put their cameras on mute after fatally shooting Clark on March 18.

The chief embraced the process of improving his police force. “I see a department and city council brave enough to say we can do better, and willing to do the hard work to get there,” Hahn said.

Don’t be confused. It was all fluff. Hahn is still OK with Sacramento cops gunning down young African-American men.

You can bet that Chief Hahn and District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and Mayor Darrell Steinberg are going to continue protecting killer cops in Sacramento.

The mayor says he wants an “honest conversation” about what resources would be needed to accomplish this. That should be a warning to the African-American community that nothing is going to change. Steinberg will wring his hands, plead poverty and allow the police killings to continue.



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