Los Angeles officials want property owners to put houses for homeless people in their backyards

Screenshot 2018-04-11 at 07.46.25.png
Coming to a back yard near you.

Los Angeles officials want property owners to put houses for homeless people in their backyards according to the Los Angeles Times.

The county Board of Supervisors approved a $550,000 pilot program to build a handful of small backyard houses, or upgrade illegally converted garages, for homeowners who agree to host a homeless person or family.

Then in February, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded L.A. a $100,000 Mayor’s Challenge grant to study the feasibility of backyard homeless units within the city limits.

While the idea of backyard homeless units might seem far-fetched, officials hope it could be a fast and relatively inexpensive way to house the most stable individuals among the 58,000 homeless people in L.A. County.

A prototype backyard unit with financing and design sponsored by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Innovation Team is rising behind Trent Wolbe’s house in rapidly gentrifying Highland Park.

Backyard units expand housing options without compromising the character of the region’s single-family neighborhoods, the mayor’s design consultant said.



One comment

  1. Guess what.. Portlandia is trying this disaster right now.. Ask yourself who wants mentally ill , drug addicted bums living and defecating on your property. You become his social worker and he will have your very expensive property looking like downtown LA. Not to mention your neighbors are going to be suing you for violating zoning laws.. Can you imagine 10 million $$ Hollywood mansions with tiny tool sheds and street bums cruising your property and having their ” friends ” drop by to party and use the pool.. No and I can’t either.. Da Mayor should lead by example and have a few on his property. This just SMELLS of desperation by another failed demoRat hack who can’t find solutions to the economic mess he has created.


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