Newspaper laments the demise if their failed industry

Screenshot 2018-04-11 at 08.04.30.pngIn a shameful piece in the East Bay Times, the newspaper laments the demise if their failed industry.

Their product is no good, people aren’t buying it, but they still cling to the false narrative that it’s not their fault.

When the internet took their monopoly away from them, publishers were in a quandary as to how to stay profitable. They reduced their staffs, fired reporters, and produced less original content.

Naturally, readers took their news dollars elsewhere.

Now the losers who remain in the dying industry are demanding that investors who own their news organizations accept less profits in order to prop up their fake news operations a little longer.

It’s an Orwellian approach, but not unpredictable.

Newspaper advertising revenue has fallen by 80 percent just since the year 2000. The newspaper was once the only way to get news and box scores, find an apartment, clip coupons, decide what movie to see or look for a job. And it was the only way for retailers to get Sunday ads to customers.

The internet changed that, so it’s time for newspaper elites to go away and own their epic failure.


One thought on “Newspaper laments the demise if their failed industry

  1. and why would you read such lies, passed off as news.. It ain’t news, but some hacks opinion, being passed off as news.. daily non-stop attacks on President trump and his supporters, propaganda propping up failed politicians ideas and covering up the corruption of their single party rigged system. The ” Journalists” need to take classes on Eco 101 and learn why it’s important to have quality news. otherwise, the public has wised up to their fake news and you can find real news on the internet, and as we see, they end up being canned. Thinking you can spew hate nonstop and have people read it and actually believe it only works if they can suspend their common sense.


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