Rapist #ContraCostaCounty sheriff’s deputy arrested

Screenshot 2018-04-11 at 07.24.03Detectives suspected that a Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy arrested for having “consensual” sex with two jail inmates actually may have abused his authority and raped them, according to internal records.

The records, obtained Tuesday by the Bay Area News Group, show that 26-year-old Patrick Morseman was arrested April 4 on felony suspicion of illegal consensual sex with two inmates.

On the same day, a detective with the sheriff’s office wrote an affidavit stating there was probable cause to believe the deputy had committed “multiple violations” of rape under color of authority and oral copulation with threats by a public official.

Naturally a sheriff’s spokesman clammed-up and did not respond to a request for comment about why Morseman wasn’t booked on the more serious charges.

The affidavit appears to support the contention by one inmate’s attorney earlier this week that the sex wasn’t consensual and Morseman had in fact raped the women.


One thought on “Rapist #ContraCostaCounty sheriff’s deputy arrested

  1. and I’m going to believe a prisoner who is a felon with an ax to grind as he was busted.. I’d be much more intersted in the crimes they did to citizens than some dirtbag in the slammer… They’ll say anything to get the cops..


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