Sex crimes roil San Diego Democrats

sddpDozens of female Democratic activists in San Diego accused their local party of turning a blind eye to claims of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment by men within its ranks according to the Union-Tribune.

“Activism, employment and candidacy within the San Diego County Democratic Party, however, remains unsafe, rife with potential for unchecked sexual harassment and worse, despite several attempts to create fair internal systems of accountability since the resignation of disgraced former Mayor Bob Filner in 2013,” reads an opinion column signed by 30 women that was published by the Voice of San Diego last week.

“We have had enough. Now is the time to reject silence and demand action from the party whose very success and future rests on the backs of women,” they wrote.

Beyond claims about harassment, the critics said they have broad concerns about gender and racial inequities within the party.

San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes acknowledged their concerns. She said leadership was limited in how it could act by internal rules and the law, but added that steps were being taken to improve the process.

“We’re as responsive as we can be,” Hayes said. Nevertheless, she disputed some of the broad claims.

It’s amazing that Hayes would say such a thing, especially in light of the Filner episode which terrorized women in the community.



One thought on “Sex crimes roil San Diego Democrats

  1. they have broad concerns about gender and racial inequities within the party.

    This people,.. is the so-called Party of inclusiveness. Tolerance, Women’s rights. and blah blah blah.. Keep in mind that this IS the Party of the Southern Slaves Owners, Founders of the KKK, The Jim Crow Laws and they flat out refused in the 1960’s to grant basic civil rights and voting rights to blacks.. The Leopard hasn’t changed it’s spots in 165 years. The GOP doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the problems of Sex Criminals that the tolerant and Gender-neutral Party has.


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