#Elite #whitesupremicists in the #BayArea continue to use #bail as punishment

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George Gascón is the District Attorney of San Francisco. He was appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Clearly due process is a luxury reserved by the wealthy white elites in the Bay Area.

Nearly three months after a landmark legal ruling upended the state’s cash bail system, racist San Francisco has kept the suspect at the center of the case in jail, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

His bail remains set at $350,000, an amount the appeals court ruled was excessive and unfair.

While Kenneth Humphrey’s attorneys are seeking to have their client released, prosecutors are fighting to keep him locked up…proving once again that if you’re poor, San Francisco will brutalize you.

A ruling in January by the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco ordered a new bail hearing for Humphrey. The court found that bail set so high that suspects can’t raise enough to be freed is unjustified except for those who are too dangerous to be released before trial.

Humphrey, 64, has been in jail for 326 days since his latest arrest.



One thought on “#Elite #whitesupremicists in the #BayArea continue to use #bail as punishment

  1. history of drug addiction was taken into custody in May 2017, for allegedly following a 79-year-old neighbor into an elevator and his apartment, where he threatened to put a pillowcase over the victim’s head and demanded money before stealing the victim’s last $5 and a bottle of cologne. Charges include robbery, elder abuse and burglary — felony offenses involving violence.

    Thi dirtbag attacks a 79-year-old victim.. he’s a drug addict, he’s charged with eldery abuse and burglary… And they say his bail is to HIGH !!.. No bail.. He’s a freakin danger to the city.. and to boot .. a crackpot court says that bail may be ILLEGAL .. These are courts that now follow the latest assinine democrat agenda issues and they now have nothing to do with justice. It’s about installing the crackpot demoRat agenda that is endangering us all. Ilegal aliens being given citizenship, 99,000 felons had their felonies reduced to misdemeanors and now the demorat assault on the bail system. Unless we turn the ship around, we are now facing anarchy by design.. Plus, the demoRats are trying to disarm everyone and are running a firearm confiscation policy.. We need new leaders and courts that aren’t crying about the attacker and how unfair it is that they have to sit in the slammer. What about the friggin victim of this heinous attacks.. we never hear one word about the victim.


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