California voting system is about to have a melt-down

Screenshot 2018-04-15 at 12.10.36Without far-reaching improvements in ballot design and systems, the problem could get worse. As California switches to a top-two primary, a high-profile race attracting a lot of candidates means one large pool of choices for voters. And yet most of the voting systems in use were designed for party-specific ballots with fewer candidates.

via Los Angeles Times


One thought on “California voting system is about to have a melt-down

  1. Get RID of Prop 14.. It has killed off Political Parties and we now have a Soviet-style, one-party system which in the last 3 election cycles, produced 28 races the General Election with ONLY demorats on the ballot.. Thats not what Prop 14 promised. it was promised that we would have less radical candidates running which would then… result in a more even-handed legislature.. It’s now just the opposite. We have hard left radical democRats running the entire state in a style that would make Comrade Stalin Blush and couldn’t make Comrade Castro any happier. The end result is a far left state being run into the grd and Kaly is the laughing stock of America.


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