California’s hapless gun lobby upstaged by gun-owners

Screenshot 2018-04-15 at 07.24.14.png

According to the Sacramento Bee, an estimated 200 people took to the south steps of the state Capitol Saturday as a part of a nationwide gun rights demonstration.

That means there was probably closer to five times as many people at the event. Sacramento reporters always under report turnout when conservatives tome to town.

The nationwide gatherings were promoted through social media by a group called the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans. The rallies, which organizers intended to be held at all 50 state capitol buildings, were dubbed “Americans for America.”

Sacramento “Americans for America” event organizer Wendy Depaoli, 49, said she believes the Second Amendment is being threatened by a wave of recent support for gun control legislation.

Speakers at the rally included members of the State of Jefferson movement, a Pink Pistols representative and gubernatorial candidates from the Libertarian and Green parties, among others.

Speaker Nicki Stallard, a spokesperson for the LGBT gun rights organization Pink Pistols, said the event was an important opportunity for gun rights advocates to come together, regardless of other differences.

What’s interesting about the news coverage of this event is that the hapless gun owner advocates in Sacramento who lobby the legislature weren’t mentioned.

Maybe California gun owners are wising up?


One thought on “California’s hapless gun lobby upstaged by gun-owners

  1. Well done. We need to get to the grassroots level and show that we will not stand by as crackpots, bent on disarmament / Confiscation.. run wild and the media trys to make them look, like a majority.. Which they are not !!.. They are a small radical minority with lots of Soros money..


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