Hate-based #racism is just about to finish off the #CaGOP

Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 07.09.28
Racism’s last gasp in California politics.

Odds are good there won’t be a Republican in this fall’s race for governor of California.

It’s a final and fitting repudiation for the hate-based, race-based strategy GOP leaders have been wedded to for decades.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the “distinct possibility has unnerved party officials and political consultants who worry that it could have severe consequences for down-ballot candidates in a year when Republicans are fighting to retain control of Congress and claw back from super-minority status in the Legislature.”

“The first thing that people see when they open their ballot is the top-of-the-ticket race, and we don’t want Republicans to be discouraged,” said Dave Gilliard, who represents candidates in several House districts that national Democrats have targeted as prime pickup opportunities because voters chose Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Gilliard and his racist GOP friends should have thought about this a long time ago.

“We absolutely need a Republican to get through the primary,” executive director Cynthia Bryant said in a statement. “We have two great candidates who are consistently in the top of the polls, and it is our strong hope that at least one advances to the general.”

Great candidates? Very funny Ms. Bryant.



One thought on “Hate-based #racism is just about to finish off the #CaGOP

  1. get rid of Prop 14.. thats the scam that was passed by the voters to ensure the legislature would become more moderate.. It passed and we had for the last 3 election cycles 28 races in Kaly that had no other choices except two demoRats in the general election.. That is called a SOVIET STYLE ELECTION.. You can vote for the top two candidates as long as they are demoRats.. I refuse to vote any longer in such rigged one-sided Soviet SHOW elections.. It makes no difference any longer who runs Kaly. The Dem’s have completely destroyed all opposition and are running the once great State straight into the grd at 500 mph. Kaly has become the Venezuelan capital of the Left Coast.


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