Latinos, GOP give #AntonioVillaraigosa a shot

Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 07.37.47It’s a long-shot to expect Antonio Villaraigosa to peel enough votes from rank-and-file Democrats away from Gov. Gavin Newsom, the white elite’s last hope for governor.

Everyone knows that if Villaraigosa is going to become governor, he’s going to need Latino and GOP votes to do it.

That’s why Villaraigosa is spending so much time in the Central Valley with farmers. He’s made dozens of trips so far this year to the place white elites in the Bay Area despise and ignore.

According to columnist Dan Morain,  it’s paying off. Political action committees representing pistachio growers, berry farmers and dairy operators have given him $20,000 or more each.

It’s good to have a candidate who respects everyone.



One thought on “Latinos, GOP give #AntonioVillaraigosa a shot

  1. It’s good to have a candidate who respects everyone.

    That’s laughable.. They ALL say the stuff you want to hear and then.. You get them elected and you find out you just elected the CLONE of the political hack you hated. !! The Dem’s are all the same once they get elected on vaporous promises. Try electing someone from the GOP and give them a shot at fixing Kaly. The Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and Tony the Jackal ain’t any different.


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