Mayor Garcetti – take more homeless into your neighborhoods or pay the consequences

Screenshot 2018-04-16 at 07.01.11.png
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to “reward” Los Angeles neighborhoods that accept temporary homeless shelters by performing more encampment sweeps in those communities than in areas resistant to the housing.

In other words, if communities stop complaining about the tsunami of homeless in L.A. we promise we’ll keep the homeless gulags under control.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the mayor promises to pay for additional city cleaning crews and police services in communities that agree to find room for trailers, tents and other shorter-term shelter for people living on the street.

“I will give rewards to those communities that say yes first,” Garcetti said in an interview last week. “They’ll get more help cleaning up. They’ll get more funds. The first people to step up and say, ‘We do want to solve this in our own neighborhood,’ will see those funds flow first.”

Basically, this is a threat – take more homeless into your neighborhoods or pay the consequences.

The proposal comes as Garcetti and City Council members want to overcome the not-in-my-backyard battles over homeless services or shelters that have erupted in Venice, San Pedro and, more recently, Orange County.


One thought on “Mayor Garcetti – take more homeless into your neighborhoods or pay the consequences

  1. Then… DA Mayor and his crackpot council need to lead by example.. Set up the first ones in THEIR yards. Folks, he has absolutely NO idea on how to handle this disaster that has turned Los Angeles in Calcutta and Bangladesh. LA Property is worth billions and he wants homeless living and mooching off of you.. AND ,.. this is the same guy that was parading around Iowa last week trying to drum up support to be president.. Guess what his theme is.. BRINGING JOBS back to America.. It’s worked oohh so well so far in LA LA LAnd. Besides..President Trump pretty much owns that.. The lowest unemployment in 50 years !!! MAGA !!


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