News reporters help spin the #PoliceState execution of #StephonClark

Screenshot 2018-04-17 at 07.54.00.pngAccording to the San Francisco Chronicle,  Los Angeles Times, and the Sacramento Bee, the Sacramento Police Department has released more video imagery which lends credibility to the theory that the assault by officers was nothing more than a hunting expedition designed to kill Stephon Clark.AA

The facts is an unarmed Mr. Clark was mercilessly shot at 20 times by two police officers investigating reports of somebody breaking into cars.

No weapon was found at the scene…only a cellphone which apparently caused officers to “fear for their lives.”

Screenshot 2018-04-17 at 08.02.28After he was gunned down, brutal officers failed to deliver medical aid out of “concern” that he was still armed and playing dead. All the while Mr. Clark lay motionless in his grandmother’s backyard.

Video released Monday confirms officers waited about five minutes from the time Clark was shot before they approached his body. They then spent about one minute handcuffing and searching him before beginning to administer CPR.

Plenty of time for Mr. Clark to bleed out.

By the time fire department rescue workers were cleared by police to enter the scene — about a minute after CPR began — it appears that Clark already was dead. A fire department medic can be heard in another video of the same time frame saying, “We’re fixed and dilated here,” an apparent reference to Clark being nonresponsive.

The revelation that the police did nothing to help the dying Clark has ramped up the law enforcement spin cycle.

Police spokesman Sgt. Vance Chandler said the department would examine whether officers acted quickly enough with medical care. In the videos, police can be heard discussing whether it’s safe to approach Clark in the minutes before they administer aid.

“That’s part of our investigation, looking at when aid was rendered,” Chandler said. “We will look at if it was appropriate given the circumstances.”

Plumas County Deputy and police training expert Ed Obayashi said he believed the time taken before approaching Clark was reasonable under the circumstances. He said the possibility of other civilians in the area combined with officers’ inability to see both of Clark’s hands were risk factors.

Feckless reporters lapped up the Police State rhetoric in anticipation of seeing Sacramento’s killer cops get off the hook for the murder.

Reporters and their editors have so far failed to question any of the circumstances surrounding the killing. Rather they are packing their reports with excuses designed to let police officers roam in African-American communities killing at will.

It’s a brutal partnership between the media and killer cops.




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