Desperate: Newspaper lies about #SeanHannity’s ties to President #Trump’s lawyer

Screenshot 2018-04-18 at 08.16.50
Sean Hannity

The East Bay Times has reprinted a Washington Post article suggesting that radio talk show host Sean Hannity has committed some sort of crime because he is an acquaintance of President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.

Mr. Hannity is in fact not a client of Mr. Cohen. They are acquaintances. Readers should not that being friends with President Trump’s attorney is not against the law.

The Post story, which is parroted by the East Bay Times, goes on to equate Mr. Hannity with a fictional drug dealing crime boss. It’s a complete fabrication, a lie.

Readers should note that the parent company of the East Bay Times is liquidating the newspaper chain’s assets, including the East Bay Times. The paper is an utter failure as an economic entity. In a year it probably will cease to exist.

With reporting like this you can see why.


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