Non-citizen (free) healthcare bill moving through the California Legislature

Screenshot 2018-04-18 at 07.41.25.png

Capitol Public Radio reports that a bill to expand health care coverage to undocumented adults has moved forward in the California state Assembly.

According to reporters, the bill is part of a push by Democratic lawmakers to create universal coverage, after a single-payer bill stalled last year.

Allowing undocumented adults onto Medi-Cal could get California a third of the way there.

The legislation would expand access to coverage to more than a million people. The legislative debate offered little insight into how to pay for all this new free healthcare.

The Assembly measure passed along party lines. The Senate Health Committee passed a similar measure last month.


One thought on “Non-citizen (free) healthcare bill moving through the California Legislature

  1. Paying for it won’t be hard.. All they are going to do is raise the sales tax, Payroll taxes, personal income taxes, fees for everything you do every day.. all day and mucho more.. Ahhh the paradise of Venezuela soo close by..
    Any chance that Jerry and Gavie will start the exit tax they have been jonesing to do as more of the middle-class slips away between their chubby greedy finger and flee’s like the Venezuelan’s are doing..


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