California fires, then rehires brutal sex criminals

Screenshot 2018-04-19 at 08.15.36.png

According to the Sacramento Bee, the sexual harassment lawsuit involving the Medical Board of California and five senior managers fills 11 volumes, its overstuffed red folders wedged into a cardboard box and stored in a warehouse.

It took five years to settle. It cost the taxpayers millions.

However, as the Bee puts it, despite the lawsuit’s startling allegations – which described a workplace filled with after-hours trysts, favoritism, offensive comments and racial discrimination – the central defendant in the case continued to prosper in state government.

That’s how we roll in California.

Jerry Smith, formerly the medical board’s supervising investigator, was granted a medical retirement in 2003, then returned in 2007 as a retired annuitant, collecting more pay. He left the Contractors State License Board in August 2017, according to the Controller’s Office.

Making matters worse, a sworn peace officer, Smith also petitioned the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in 2002, arguing he deserved additional benefits because he had been subjected to a hostile work environment due to all the internal investigations into his conduct.

Smith is nothing more than a feckless animal. He’s also not alone.


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