Sacramento’s white D.A. maneuvers to let killer cops off the hook

Screenshot 2018-04-19 at 09.25.12.png

The white elites who run Sacramento are used to police officers gunning down people of color. So when the Sacramento Bee reported that Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert was “under fire” because of the execution of Stephon Clark, we could only offer a sarcastic sneer at the D.A.’s hypocrisy.

Schubert’s excuse for ignoring the Police State execution is that her office has not yet received the police investigation of the case and that it could take many months before her own investigation is complete.

Many months means the furor in the African-American community will fade away and the killer cops will get the nod from Schubert and Mayor Darrell Steinberg to go back on the streets.

“The reality is, is that what happened to Stephon Clark is a tragedy,” Schubert said in a news conference during which she outlined the steps she takes in investigating officer-involved shootings and noted she is not legally required to conduct such reviews.

This translates into more hand-wringing by the white elites. They have no intention of disciplining the killer cops or reigning in the Sacramento Police Department.

Despite that, street protests have continued for weeks in downtown Sacramento, and Schubert’s office at Ninth and G streets has been the target of regular demonstrations by activists asking that she charge the two officers who shot Clark.

Schubert’s office has never found evidence that led her to prosecute an officer in a shooting.

It’s a pretty safe bet that charges against the thugs who murdered Stephon Clark will never come.


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