No one believes #Facebook is honest…users crying out for government regulation

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Mark Zuckerberg

No one believes Facebook is honest.

According to the Mercury News, the most recent research survey from the Ponemon Institute — a Michigan-based research group which surveys Americans’ opinions on privacy, data protection and information security policy — found that only 27 percent of Americans now believe Facebook is committed to protecting the privacy of their personal information.

The 27 percent figure was 52 percentage points lower than the same survey in 2017.


“We found that people care deeply about their privacy and when there is a mega data breach, as in the case of Facebook, people will express their concern,” said the institute’s chairman Larry Ponemon to NBC News. “And some people will actually vote with their feet and leave.”

Apparently Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress did nothing to help. We’re not surprised. To think that Zukerberg cares about anything other than money is an absurd position to take. According to the Ponemon Institute, American’s obviously aren’t all that absurd.

The bad news, survey respondents want more transparency and protections surrounding their Facebook user data. It’s bad news because that would take Congressional action. Which even fewer people have confidence in.


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