#Sacramento #elites line up to save killer cops who murdered #StephonClark

The Sacramento Bee is suggesting that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra needs to be the one who determines whether Sacramento police officers broke the law when they shot and killed Stephon Clark last month.

That’s a laugh. Becerra is a major player in the cadre of politicians who run California’s brutal Police State.

Like Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, Becerra is too compromised and too mistrusted to have the last word on whether Clark’s killing was a crime.

State and federal case laws give cops wide latitude to kill citizens. Becerra is all for that, always has been and always will be. It’s how he’s solidified his political power. Becerra will never be an advocate for people of color.

As a result, the thugs who killed Clark won’t face criminal prosecution.

The Bee’s suggestion that Becerra will somehow make a difference, make things right for people of color in Sacramento, is simply fraud. It’s really just a political head-fake to suggest that by dumping Schubert for Becerra somehow justice will be restored.

It won’t be. The white elite racists who run Sacramento will make sure of that.



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