Feckless #SiliconValley panics over “Consumer Right to Privacy Act”

Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 07.43.11.png
AstroTurf group formed by Silicon Valley so tech companies can keep stealing your personal information.

Greedy, feckless Silicon Valley thinks Californians are in danger of being put in position to make the same mistake Facebook did: trusting in something that promises one thing but delivers another.

Silicon Valley should know. They’ve all been doing what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been doing for years.

According to their AstroTurf group CALInnovates, and reported in the Mercury News, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the company used data from 87 million Facebook users in an effort to deviously manipulate voters, was broken promises.

Here’s some breaking news for CALInnovates: Everything you do is a broken promise.

According to CALInnovates, Facebook is a victim, not an accomplice. A victim that has made billions in profit.

So now, feckless CALInnovates and their corporate masters pulling the strings in Silicon Valley, want you to be skeptical of a ballot measure that appears headed for the November ballot.

In reality, the “Consumer Right to Privacy Act,” would improve the lives of Californians by holding Silicon Valley’s unscrupulous companies accountable.

CALInnovates is nothing more than a scam designed to perpetuate Silicon Valley’s lies and fill corporate coffers.



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