Don’t expect Sacramento to do much to stop elite government sex criminals


In late 2017, Marybel Batjer, the secretary of the Government Operations Agency started to pay lip service to the #MeToo movement.

The movement had gotten big enough to threaten Batjer’s patrons in the Governor’s office and in the California Legislature.

Screenshot 2018-04-23 at 07.05.56.png
Marybel Batjer, secretary of the Government Operations Agency. Officials scurry to cover-up government sex crimes.

Batjer told the Sacramento Bee it became obvious that “we need to pick up the hood and take a look inside.” Code words that really meant that government leaders had to double-down on their cover-up of the rampant sex crimes that have plagued Sacramento for decades.

It worked.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s cabinet secretary, Keely Martin Bosler, directed state agencies and departments to revise their approaches to harassment and discrimination cases. In other words, shuffle some papers and make it look like you’re doing something.

There’s lots of eyewash too. According to the Bee, the state will begin providing mandatory, three-day sensitivity training sessions for managers and supervisors. The state also will develop a system to track harassment and discrimination complaints across departments — no doubt making it easier for bigwigs like Batjer to supervise the cover-ups.



One needs only look at the feckless UC system to understand the lengths California will go to protect the powerful elites in government.

In the end, Batjer’s work serves but one purpose…protect the powerful elites in Sacramento. To think any of this is designed to help the victims of sex crimes is ludicrous.


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