#Racist Sacramento elites continue to allow the police to execute #AfricanAmerican men

According to Capitol Public Radio, the Sacramento County District Attorney has been flooded with 100,000 signatures from an online campaign to have officers in the Stephon Clark shooting prosecuted.

It’s hard to believe that District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s office will be impressed.

The signatures were gathered online by the racial justice organization Color of Change. Clarise McCants, a campaign director with the group, flew out from Washington, D.C., to deliver the petitions.

“Days after Stephon Clark was murdered, we launched a petition calling on the district attorney to indict the officers,” McCants said.

Clark was brutally executed by two Sacramento police officers.

“We’ll read them all,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi. “We hear what’s being said. We’re not tone deaf to it. But, ultimately, we’re gonna follow the law and the facts and make sure due process is being served, for everyone.”

What Grippi really means is that the racist DA’s office is going to let the killer cops walk. After all it was Schubert who let the cops who brutally murdered Joseph Mann go free.

Schubert told reporters it could be a year before her office decides whether to prosecute the officers in the Clark shooting. No surprise there. That’s how the white supremacists in Sacramento roll.



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