#Barstow cops execute #AfricanAmerican man, white elites scurry to cover it up

Screenshot 2018-04-24 at 07.22.43.pngLawyers for the family of an unarmed black man killed by police in Barstow say that an autopsy found he was shot 10 times and died from choking on his own blood.

The thug cops who gunned him down would not give him medical help. This is typical in a California police execution. You may recall the same thing happened in Sacramento to Stephon Clark.

Had Diante Yarber been given medical treatment, he would have had a chance at surviving his wounds, according to attorney S. Lee Merritt.

The autopsy was conducted by a private medical examiner at Merritt’s request.

An autopsy by San Bernardino County authorities has not been released and it’s unclear whether it’s been finished. The police obviously need more time to develop a cover story.

According to the Merced Sun-Star, Barstow police officers fatally shot Yarber on April 5 in a Walmart parking lot.

Police Chief Albert Ramirez Jr. released a statement Monday night that said Yarber was wanted for car theft after he jumped out of a stolen car last month and ran away.

So apparently being wanted for car theft in Barstow is a capitol offense punishable by summary execution without trial…especially if you happen to be African-American.

Enjoy your Police State.


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