#GavinNewsom’s redemption story: It’s all just a lie

Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 08.15.28
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom enjoying is life in “recovery.”

According to a Sacramento Bee exclusive,  in 2007, Gavin Newsom said he quit drinking and would seek professional help for “problems with alcohol.”

Though he didn’t say explicitly at the time that he went to rehab, it was widely interpreted that he did.

Well, he didn’t.

Uncorrected media accounts over the past decade report that he entered a rehab program, and spokespeople at the time sought to explain to the public Newsom’s drinking.

Newsom, now 50, confessed to the Bee that never went to rehab and he still drinks.

It appears pretty obvious that the drinking problem issue was just a scam used as an excuse to shield Newsom from fallout from an affair he had with the wife of his campaign manager and best friend, Alex Tourk.

The woman, who is now remarried and goes by Ruby Rippey-Gibney, was a subordinate of Newsom’s and worked in City Hall as his appointments secretary. So besides being a scoundral, it’s pretty clear Newsom broke several workplace sex crime laws.

Newsom’s affair, and the “excessive drinking”, have become part of his redemption story.

It’s all just a lie.



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