See, we told you so! #Racist #FresnoState professor keeps her job

Screenshot 2018-04-19 at 08.04.53
Racist Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar keeps her job.

As predicted, Fresno State president Joseph Castro announced that hideous, racist, professor Randa Jarrar won’t be fired.

According to the Fresno Bee, Castro wrote in a statement that while her conduct was “insensitive, inappropriate and an embarrassment to the university,” it won’t result in her firing.

“This issue has raised many important questions about the scope of free speech,” Castro said, “and the extent to which a member of our university community can be held accountable for expressing his or her personal views.”

No, President Castro, it really hasn’t. It’s just laid bare the racism that is endemic in your leadership, your faculty and your staff.

Not surprisingly, according to the university, it was determined Jarrar didn’t violate any California State University or Fresno State policies, Castro said.

See, we told you so.


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