Gas tax repeal won’t save the failed #CaGOP

Screenshot 2018-04-26 at 08.04.54The sophomoric GOP theory goes something like this: Put an initiative to repeal the gas tax on the ballot and Republicans will flock to the polls to support it. While they’re there, they’ll vote for all the Republicans down the ticket, thus saving many of the floundering Republican California congressional candidates.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Republicans are on the verge of turning in at least 830,000 signatures for an initiative to repeal the tax increase.  The party’s struggling candidates up and down the state already are acting to direct voter anger over higher fuel prices at Democrats who boosted the levies.

“Everybody on the Republican side, at least all my clients, are definitely making this an issue,” said David Gilliard, a political consultant in Sacramento. “It’s generating a lot of support in their districts, because people are angry about this gas tax and the price of gasoline in California.”

Democrats aren’t worried. In the end, the anti-gas tax strategy really only plays well in the few conservative regions left in California.

John Vigna, a spokesman for the California Democratic Party got it right. “Republicans are deluding themselves if they think this is a silver bullet that will save them.”

GOP dinosaurs like Gilliard have run all the normal thinking people out of their party. All that’s left are the bigots, kooks and anti-government extremists. It won’t be long before those few that remain in the California Republican Party become extinct.

Nice try California Republicans. We realize this is the best you can do, but in the end, you’ll fail…again.


2 thoughts on “Gas tax repeal won’t save the failed #CaGOP

  1. It shows a complete and utter rejection of Jerry’s hard left Socialist agenda. Couple that with Counties and cities in revolt against his illegal sanctuary laws and the Dem’s… may .. may.. be in trouble. We are seeing signs of people in both parties saying enough is enough.. The dem’s have crossed the line and may or may not be in a heap of trouble with folks coming to the polls to end the reign of his Soviet-style one-party iron fist strangle-like hold on democracy in Kaly.


  2. Even if the SB-1 part of the gas/excise tax gets on the ballot, it first needs the correct number of valid signatures of 585,407 and not 1 less, otherwise the initiative fails, it has until June 25th 2018. There have been some reported problems with some signature gatherers using forged signatures by using homeless people to sign other peoples names, just for money and cigarettes on the local news. In any case we’ll see by the 25th which way this goes.


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