PolitiFact exposes #GavinNewsom gun ad as #FakeNews

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Gavin Newsom lied about his record on gun control.

Gavin Newsom: Busted!

According to PolitiFact, in 2016, Newsom led the passage of Proposition 63, the voter-approved measure imposed background checks on ammunition purchases and required a state license to sell ammunition, among other provisions. Gun rights groups opposed it.

PolitiFact asked if that effort qualify Newsom as “the first to take on the National Rifle Association and win”? That’s one of the claims in a new TV ad that aired statewide this week and was paid for by Newsom’s campaign.

It turns out the ad is just a lie.

PolitiFact goes on to cite columnist Dan Morain who summarized efforts by other Californians who pushed for gun safety measures — decades before Newsom.

As noted by Morain, Newsom was “hardly the first California big city politician to take on the NRA.”.

Sherry Bebitch Jeffee, professor of public policy at USC, added the claim about Newsom being “first,” doesn’t hold up to the facts.

“California’s been at the forefront of the gun control movement for a very long time,” Jeffee said.

So basically Newsom is doing what rich white elites from the Bay Area do…lie to people. We’re not surprised. Thank you PolitiFact.



One thought on “PolitiFact exposes #GavinNewsom gun ad as #FakeNews

  1. Newsom is doing what rich white elites from the Bay Area do..
    They push disarmament and confiscation. This is NOT gun control. This is a campaign to disarm the population so that those who oppose Socialism cannot resist… In fact, What Gavfie is pushing, is the exact method that the Nazi used in 1936 to subjugate the population of Germany under the disguise of safety… RESIST !!


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