#GavinNewsom’s double-talk on #singlepayer

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Gavin Newsom’s double-talk on single-payer.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who’s faced criticism in the California governor’s race over his stance on single-payer health care, says he backs the bill that stalled in the state Legislature last year — but not in its current form.


“I would not accept as-is 562,” Newsom said of Senate Bill 562 in a recent interview with Capital Public Radio. “But I accept its principles of moving in a completely new direction as it relates to addressing the crisis that is health care.”

This is just a bunch of political double-talk. It’s pretty clear he opposes single-payer healthcare.

The measure passed the California Senate last year but was held in the Assembly, where Speaker Anthony Rendon called it “woefully incomplete” because it did not lay out a funding source for its estimated $400 billion cost.

Newsom is being squishy because the bill is controversial. Many of his well-heeled supporters don’t like single-payer.

Capital Public Radio points out that as mayor, Newsom signed an ordinance creating Healthy San Francisco, a program that provided universal health care access to city residents. It made San Francisco the only city in the nation to offer such a program, although it’s not single-payer, and as PolitiFact California had to make clear.

When it comes to single-payer, Gavin Newsom has no trouble talking the talk, but he’s way short on walking the walk.



One thought on “#GavinNewsom’s double-talk on #singlepayer

  1. Even a crackpot like Gavie knows that Single Payer is a bank buster bill. The state has no money to run this socialist scam that by conservative estimates from the state auditor that says it will cost 400 billion $$$ at the minimum… More than likely it would be double that once Mexicans hear that free health care is being offered by the state and paid for by the rapidly shrinking fleeing white middle class.


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