#UCBerkeley #fakenews poll pushes outcome based result

Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 08.01.12
UC Berkeley’s latest fake news attack on the President.

According to a new UC Berkeley IGS Poll online pole, two-thirds of registered voters in the Golden State are dissatisfied with Trump’s overall job performance and feel special counsel Robert Mueller’s work to investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election is important.

No surprise here. One would not anticipate an objective poll from this source.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, nearly two thirds of voters also said Mueller’s work should be pursued “wherever it leads.”

Not surprising, Democrats and Republicans expressed opposite views. More than nine out of 10 Democrats disapproved, while eight out of 10 Republicans approved of Trump’s performance.

Pollsters were force to concede that voters valued the President’s work on jobs and the economy and his handling of North Korea.

The poll claims President Trump’s overall approval rating dropped to 31 percent.

In the end, the purpose of this poll was to disparage the President of the United States and create a false narrative leading to a preconceived negative result.

It’s fake news.


One thought on “#UCBerkeley #fakenews poll pushes outcome based result

  1. Polls run by any grp nowadays should be looked at with great suspicion. It’s become clear after watching the debacle of Hilary colossal failure with polls, that they are now simply being used to create public opinion rather than reporting opinion.. The President’s poll numbers continue to climb and if there are any reliable polls they peg him at 50%. Any polls that come out of Berkeley or the new state Venezuela on the left coast should be disregarded.


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