#Elite #SiliconValley Community Foundation continues to self-destruct

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is looking at its vice president overseeing recruitment and culture in the rear view mirror.

“We have recently received the voluntary resignation of our Vice President of Talent, Recruitment and Culture and will work to fill that position as we look to heal our organization and open a new chapter at SVCF,” the San Francisco Chronicle has reported.

Previously the foundation’s CEO, Emmett Carson, was put on paid administrative leave and manager, Mari Ellen Loijens, resigned after being exposed for harassing the staff.

It seems pretty clear to us at least, that Natochy got the axe thanks to the same angry staff fed up with management’s abuses. Natochy made a bee-line for the door and so far has ducked the press.

Natochy’s bio has been pulled from Foundation’s website. Her Twitter page has been taken down. That tells us a lot.

The Council of Foundations still includes Natochy’s bio:

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Daiva is responsible for leading SVCF’s human resources team in delivering exceptional employee experiences. Her team is focused on leadership and talent practices to help attract, develop, inspire and reward the very best people, so that SVCF can continue advancing innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems. Daiva is a seasoned human resources professional with nearly 10 years of human resources experience working with both local and international organizations, driving strategic business growth and developing comprehensive talent acquisition programs.  Her business partner experience started in the Republic of Ireland with a major retail company. Since coming to United States, she has worked with Readyforce, a start-up helping to design and execute a crowdsourcing business model; Robert Half International, providing strategies and programs across the organization; and most recently Anixter, where she was a strategic business advisor helping  implement the company’s vision through quality human resources programs.

It’s common knowledge that sexism, racism and workplace brutality are the norm in Silicon Valley. Why should we expect anything different from a foundation the tech elites underwrite?

We’ll probably never get the whole story as this affair will get swept under the rug by the white elites who run the Foundation. Nonetheless it’s pretty easy to read between the lines.


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