Sacramento white elites release #fakenews #StephonClark autopsy

Screenshot 2018-04-21 at 07.58.07In a desperate effort to cover up the brutal police state execution of Stephon Clark, the notoriously racist Sacramento Police Department released the Sacramento County version of the autopsy of Mr. Clark.

They they slammed the Clark family and their private autopsy.

A supposedly “independent review” of the autopsy also says the county’s findings “do not support the assertion that Clark was shot primarily from behind.”

According to Capitol Public Radio, the county autopsy concludes that Clark was struck by seven bullets, whereas the family autopsy by Dr. Bennet Omalu said he was hit eight times, mostly in the back.

Seriously? Seven or eight? WTF is the difference? It was still an execution.

Screenshot 2018-04-20 at 06.53.45Dr. Gregory Reiber, a forensic pathologist with Placer County, independently reviewed the county’s autopsy, said Omalu’s autopsy mistook an exit wound as an entrance. “This is a significant error,” Reiber wrote, “as it leads to incorrect conclusions regarding the relative positions of the victim and shooters during the event.”

He also disagreed with findings that Clark was shot mostly in the back. That even though Clark had multiple bullet holes in his back?

Omalu told Capital Public Radio on Tuesday before the county’s autopsy was released that “the two autopsies performed by two different doctors should not be exactly the same.” He said that people should consider “either-or” when coming to conclusions on how Clark was killed. “You should use both.”

Reiber, from notoriously racist Placer County is clearly the key to the effort to exonerate the two killers who murdered Clark.

For good measure, the white doctors threw in a toxicology report indicating that Clark had active levels of codeine and alprazolam (Xanax) in his system during the shooting. The report also found trace elements of cocaine and cannabis.

So Clark was a pretty normal American….taking prescription meds, smoking some weed and snorting some blow. For that he was executed?

Omalu said the “toxicological profile of this individual is of no forensic consequence because when he was shot they [the officers] did not know he was intoxicated.”

We agree.


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