#Racist #Merced thug cops beat #AfricanAmerican man senseless — twice!

Screenshot 2018-05-03 at 07.31.45
William Colbert, targeted by racist Merced police and brutally beaten twice.

The Merced Police Department brutally beat William Colbert. It was outrageous and uncalled for. The bottom line, the police did it for no other reason than Mr. Colbert is African-American.

Everybody knows it.

Which explains why the city of Merced has denied a public records request for body and dashboard camera footage from Mr. Colbert’s arrest.

Merced’s racist cops have been caught red-handed and authorities are working feverishly to cover up their crimes.

As is typical with the police in California, African-American men like Mr. Colbert are beaten for “resisting arrest.” Once Mr. Colbert arrived at the Merced County Jail, officers beat him again.

Even after all that “resisting,” the Merced County District Attorney’s Office hasn’t charged Mr. Colbert with any kind of crime. It’s pretty obvious they are more focused on covering up the police officers crimes and making up some kind of false narrative to explain why Mr. Colbert was beaten senseless.

According to Mr. Colbert, a Merced police officer he identified as William McComb approached him and called him “snitch bitch gang member” while he was shopping in a convenience store.

Naturally Mr. Colbert was offended. That’s all it took to set off the officers off. The first beating followed.

The fact is, Mr. Colbert is a welder and pipe-fitter and has no gang affiliation. He even attended Merced College with another officer on scene, identified as Joseph Opinski.

The other cop outed by the Merced Sun-Star was Brandon Wilkins who Mr. Colbert says beat him at the Merced County Jail.

As a result of the beatings, Mr. Colbert had to be taken to Mercy Medical Center in Merced, twice!


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