#FresnoState endorses #hatespeech

Screenshot 2018-04-19 at 08.04.53
Fresno State says OK to Randa Jarrar’s hate speech.

People in Fresno are angry and embarrassed. Fresno State president Joseph Castro could care less.

His job is to protect racist psychopath Randa Jarrar’s job.

The Fresno Bee reported that Castro announced last week that the university would not discipline the racist professor.

Castro came up with a lame response. “We have consulted at length with our counsel…we have no justification to undertake disciplinary action.”

See, we told you so.

Fresno City councilman Steve Brandau said he would like an explanation of Fresno State’s hiring process.

“She advocates violence and there’s an element of racism in there,” he said. “If that’s not hate speech I don’t know what’s hate speech.”

Councilman Brandau is right. It’s hate speech. Something California prides itself on stamping out. Except when it comes to Jarrar.


One thought on “#FresnoState endorses #hatespeech

  1. DemoRats are free to hate.. Conservatives in her teaching position would be immediately fired. The double standard they use to protect each other from racist hate speech is very clear… One set of rules for thee and another for me !!

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