#LATimes, #LAPD working overtime to defend #TonyCardenas in sex crime case

Screenshot 2018-05-04 at 06.56.29.png
Rep. Tony Cardenas

The Los Angeles Times reports that Rep. Tony Cardenas has confirmed that he is the unidentified elected official in a lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles alleging sexual molestation of a teenage girl in 2007.

Cardenas says he’s innocent.

Cardenas’ defense centers around discrediting the victim. We thought those days have passed…but apparently not. His attorney said the woman who filed the suit is the daughter of a “disgruntled former employee” and “may be the victim of manipulation.”

Maybe. Then again maybe she was molested? It would be nice to know the truth before casting innuendos about wouldn’t it?

The suit states that the young woman came forward with the allegations because of the #MeToo movement that followed numerous disclosures of sexual harassment by high-profile business leaders and politicians. This is totally understandable.

The Times, apparently working overtime to defend Cardenas, says it has been unable to corroborate the allegations, and no public evidence has emerged to support them. This is the same kind of disclaimer the Times uses when the police execute a person of color.

The alleged crime is right out of Bill Cosby’s playbook. The she was given water with a “peculiar taste” on a Los Angeles golf course and then molested her later in a car.

The Los Angeles Police Department hasn’t bothered to open an investigation.



2 thoughts on “#LATimes, #LAPD working overtime to defend #TonyCardenas in sex crime case

  1. drugging and raping underage girls seems to a particular trait among Democrats.. Almost all of the Me Too movement abused women involve demorats.. These are the same types who f lecture us daily on why we are bad people..Do as I say, Not as I do !!


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