Being white and rich has been great for #GavinNewsom

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Rich, white Gavin Newsom.

You don’t see this every day. A columnist from the Sacramento Bee unloading on rich, white Gavin Newsom.

The 50-year-old Lt. Governor and former Mayor of San Francisco is the living embodiment of privilege and people seem to be OK with that. He has white male privilege. Class privilege. Wealth privilege. The privilege of good looks.

All creates a Teflon exterior, protecting Newsom’s horrendous lapses of judgment and character, excusing his questionable background. It is simply accepted without eliciting the negative scrutiny that would dog or even derail lesser mortals.”

Wow! But wait, it gets better.

“If one of Newsom’s opponents – say former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa or State Treasurer John Chiang – were bankrolled by one of the richest men in California for most of their lives, as Newsom has been by oil heir Gordon Getty , they would be answering for it every day on the campaign trail. A Mexican American guy or an Asian guy having a rich, white sugar daddy greasing the skids for them at every critical turn of their adult lives would be viewed with suspicion. But that is what Newsom had with Getty.

Villaraigosa or Chiang would have been described as puppets. They would be described as being in the pocket of their patron.

But for Newsom, Getty is portrayed as a “family friend.” Meanwhile, Newsom has gotten to call himself an “entrepreneur” for years.”

It’s hard to argue with any of this.

“This isn’t a new story. Back in 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that Getty helped Newsom become a millionaire by investing in every one of his ventures. A story in The Sacramento Bee a year ago chronicled Newsom’s ties to Getty and his financial benefits from them. Where would Newsom’s privileged portfolio be without Getty pumping money into his wine business, hospitality business, real estate business?

Getty was often the lead investor in Newsom businesses and, as it always does, money followed money. The picture of Newsom that has evolved over time is of a man who just naturally runs with the wealthy. He doesn’t generate headlines because, say, institutional money flowing his way.”

Giving money to Mexicans or Chinese candidates? For the elite white media, that’s a whole different story. Just ask Antonio Villaraigosa or John Chiang.


One thought on “Being white and rich has been great for #GavinNewsom

  1. Forget the racist overtones of the Bee writer. The paper is well known to be the home of racists who spew propaganda daily from their ivory tower. Being a European has ZIP to do with his running.. What should be pointed out in a normal story that does NOT focus on a person’s race is the fact that he’s a spoiled rich guy who has terrible judgment when it comes to the family.. Being caught nailing your best friends coked addicted hot wife is an indication of a low moral charter. That alone should get the attention of the voters.. Focus on his Marin digs in Kent Woodlands. The home of the Ultra rich. That white stuff that radical racist demoRats dish out is ticking off tons of people and will have the opposite effect in November.

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