#Nazi #Republicans are back

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A Nazi GOP Senate candidate got the boot from the California Republican Party’s convention in San Diego. He must have been at the wrong convention.

Then again, you can’t blame him for being confused. National Socialists and the California Republican Party have so much in common.

Outwardly, party officials said that, from the outset of the convention the candidate, Patrick Little, was not welcome at the gathering.

“There’s no room for that kind of hate speech that that man uses,” said Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California Republican Party.

Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 06.23.31
Patrick Little

But Prop. 187 and hating Mexicans is still OK right M. Bryant?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Little emerged from obscurity after a recent SurveyUSA poll found that he was supported by 18% of California voters, putting him in second place behind Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is running for her fifth full term.

On his campaign website, Little describes himself as an American first candidate who is “fighting for US Citizens in California.”

That sounds pretty Republican to us.


One thought on “#Nazi #Republicans are back

  1. It’s not clear why he was booted.. The word NAZI applies to the DemoRats as they are the home of the Socialist Party of Kaly.. He’s in 2nd place.. is following the Trump doctrine of America First & he gets kicked out.. REALLY.. Have you listened to the true nazi’s that run a one-party atate. They routinely call for President Trump to be assassinated, death to Trump voters and are the main focus of the Me Too movement as the party is filled with hate spewing Spanish racists and PREV’s.. Yet, the guy who could give Di-Di a run for her crooked old cash is denied a place.. again.. REALLY ??

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