Assembly throws another $1 billion at #healthcare while Republicans bleat about cost

Republicans Matthew Harper and Devon Mathis.

Capitol Public Radio reports that the Assembly is throwing another $1 billion to help the floundering Covered California.

Legislators want to expand Medi-Cal to undocumented young adults, as well as to low-income women and children. They also hope to launch an insurance payment database, increase the number of doctors in rural areas and provide more financial assistance to Covered California customers.

Republicans Devon Mathis and Matthew Harper voted against the plan in committee. Of course being Republicans they had no counter proposal to offer. They just took the lazy way out.

Roughly 4 million Californians gained Medi-Cal coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and 1.3 million people are now enrolled in Covered California, the individual marketplace created by Obamacare.

A big part of the budget proposed by the Assembly provides premium assistance and tax credits for Covered California enrollees. One quarter would extend Medi-Cal eligibility to undocumented adults age 19 to 25. Undocumented children became eligible in 2016.

This is great news for insurance companies who keep getting richer in California.


One thought on “Assembly throws another $1 billion at #healthcare while Republicans bleat about cost

  1. ObamaCare was toast long ago.. CA Covered can no longer by law get monies from the Feds. If the Socialists who run the Capital would figure out that they are flushing another billion of the taxpayer hard earned cash into a health system that was designed to collapse and then, the brave Dem’s would lead us into a new era of Socialized medicine that has failed everywhere they try. They’re throwing good money after bad money..


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