Put solar panels on your new home…or else

Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 08.02.53.pngIn order to achieve the solar power utopia that elected officials and far Left activists yearn for, California is becoming the first state in the nation to require that virtually every new home be equipped with solar panels.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the California Energy Commission on Wednesday plans to require solar panels on single-family houses built after Jan. 1, 2020. Take that Global Warming!

So what if it ads another 10K to the price of a home? The reality is most people in California can’t afford to buy their own home anyway.

According to Leftists, homeowners would recover their costs in about 30 years. That’s comforting.

The feckless California Building Industry Association happily went along with the deal. What do they care? After all builders are just going to pass along the costs to home buyers anyway.



One thought on “Put solar panels on your new home…or else

  1. Here’s the exact reason many middle-class families are fleeing the collapsing Socialist Left Coast state of Venezuela / Kaly.. These assinine arbitrary rules that aren’t approved by the legislature are ruining Kaly..
    It’s 10K + here and there and soon, a small middle-class home costs 4 times what homes cost in other states..
    Flee Kaly while you can. They would love to put an Exit Tax on each person who’s abandoning the sinking ship.


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