#NBC investigates itself, and wouldn’t you know it, no more #sexualpreditors

Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 08.21.40
NBC sex criminal Matt Lauer.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that NBC News’ internal investigation following Matt Lauer’s firing says it doesn’t believe there is a culture of sexual harassment at the division.

Yeah right.

Furthermore, the network assures everyone that current management wasn’t aware of Lauer’s behavior until the complaint that doomed him.

Yeah, right. As if NBC has any credibility on this issue.

The humiliated network admits more needs to be done to ensure its more than 2,000 employees can complain about bad behavior and not fear retaliation.

Like obeying state and federal law maybe??? Duh!

That’s a good idea since everybody on the planet knows the network has a culture of sexual brutality that makes the exploitation of women routine.

We think NBC News Chairman Andy Lack needs to be investigated. After all, management leads by example right?

All of this is really fake news since NBC turned to its general counsel, Kim Harris, to conduct the investigation.

NBC claims the work of its all-female investigative team, whose jobs no doubt depended on how their report turned out, was reviewed and approved by two outside firms.

Yeah, right.

After all the investigating, investigators found no evidence that anyone “in position of authority” at NBC News knew that Lauer had sexual relationships with others in the company until the Nov. 27 complaint by a woman about an affair that began at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Two of the four women who complained about Lauer say management did know. No surprise there.

In the end, “the investigation team does not believe that there is a widespread or systemic pattern of behavior that violates company policy or a culture of harassment in the News Division,” Harris’ report said.



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