#Cannabis community in #Fresno has it all wrong so far

Screenshot 2018-05-11 at 07.43.34.png

The Fresno Bee reports that the Fresno City Council will introduce a bill to make medical marijuana businesses legal in the city.

Last December the city council voted to rewrite a complete ban on commercial marijuana operations.

However everyone in Fresno thinks legal marijuana is a great deal. The cannabis industry hasn’t gone out of its way to make friends in this community. If anything they’ve done the opposite.

A recent Fresno Police Department news conference last week revealed an investigation that led to arrests and citations at a dispensary that sold candy inside packages labeled with cartoon characters. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said such packaging made the pot attractive to children.

Duh? Joe Camel?? What are these people thinking???

Any ordinance adopted would have to be approved by the voters in November. Pot-heads in Fresno might want to get their act together before then.


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