The #CaGOP continues to turn off new voters

Screenshot 2018-03-12 at 07.29.01
Jim Brulte continues to march the California Republican Party towards irrelevance.

Over twenty-five percent of California voters have shunned both political parties. The number if independent voters is now almost equal to the rapidly shrinking California Republican Party.

According to Capitol Public Radio, Republican registration is ahead of independents by a scant 30,000 voters.

Independent voters, who register as ‘no party preference,’ grew by about 1 million since April 2014 to roughly 4.73 million registered voters.

Republicans are continuing their epic fail, having only 4.76 million voters, down by about 300,000 since 2014.

Democrats’ 8.4 million voters make up the largest share of the California electorate, at 44 percent.


One thought on “The #CaGOP continues to turn off new voters

  1. Jim Brulte.. this is the guy who is the failed face of the RINO’s that control the party. He presided over huge losses and he’s still running the show for the GOP.. REALLY.. If the guy responsible for the continuing defeats keeping getting re-elected to run the CAGOP,… you are going to get the same result. Get aggressive, choose new leadership and stop the annihilation of the CA GOP from old Party RINO’s..


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