Sacramento’s #white #elites rally around #killercops and the #policestate

Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 07.16.18
Anne Marie Schubert

According to the Sacramento Bee, in the increasingly contentious race to become the next district attorney of Sacramento County, there are no perfect candidates.

That benevolent statement is meant to gloss over a stark reality…there is one very very bad candidate.

The incumbent, Anne Marie Schubert.

According to the Bee, she is a talented prosecutor, a cold case expert and a consistently influential voice in California politics.

In reality she’s a tool of the Police State and one of many Sacramento leaders who have been pursuing a war of annihilation against the city’s African-American community.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 at 06.54.11
Mayor Darrell Steinberg

Sacramento insiders have been pushing Schubert to exonerate the police officers who brutally gunned down Stephon Clark. We have no doubt she will do so.

We also have no doubt the extra-Constitutional killings by the police in Sacramento will continue.

For all the hand wringing the Bee, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, and the rest of Sacramento’s elites do about racial justice, it’s pretty clear that the only difference between the city and the Ku Klux Klan is the clothes they wear.

Schubert not only does not deserve re-election…she, and Steinberg, and the brutal Sacramento Police and Sheriff’s Departments, should be investigate by federal authorities for hate crimes directed at the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, and people of color.


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