#GavinNewsom attacked for #sexcrimes on #socialmedia

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The Sacramento Bee reports that a social media campaign is attacking gubernatorial frontrunner Gavin Newsom for a workplace sexual encounter and subsequent romantic relationship with a 19-year-old when he was 39.

The ad sponsors are seeking to raise moral and ethical questions about the former San Francisco mayor before the June 5 primary.

Ya think???

An anti-Newsom independent campaign committee, which in the past has supported Democratic rival and state Treasurer John Chiang, has purchased a California-wide advertisement buy to draw attention to Newsom’s behavior according to the Bee.

The advertisements dredge up bad news about Newsom’s affair, a $10,000 taxpayer-financed sick leave payment to the woman, and a separate relationship he had with a 19-year-old restaurant model and restaurant hostess when he was mayor.

The young woman Newsom assaulted said at the time she suffered from substance abuse problems, including alcohol.

Pathetic behavior for someone who want’s to be our governor.


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