#WillieBrown slams #Democrats for bashing President #Trump

Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 08.03.16.pngFinally, a grown-up is stepping in.

Willie Brown writes in the San Francisco Chronicle that it’s “time for the Democrats to stop bashing President Trump.”

It’s about time someone said it. The secret to winning elections is about contrasting your candidate’s views with the other candidate and persuading voters that your side is better.

Democrats clearly don’t get it.

Brown goes on, “setting a winning agenda is like maneuvering an aircraft carrier. It takes time to change course. And if they want to be on target for the November midterm elections, the Democrats need to start changing course now.”

As Brown points out, President Trump’s policies are popular and the economy is humming along smoothly.

It’s no surprise then that the “jobs growth reports, the North Korea summit and the steady economy are beating out the Stormy Daniels scandal and the Robert Mueller investigation in Middle America, hands down.”

What is surprising is that Democrats haven’t figured this out.

Brown concludes, “Democrats need to look like the adults, not like another pack of screaming kids on the playground.”

So far, they have not.


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