#Google employees recoil at the thought of helping our troops

Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 08.19.14.png

Recently, U.S. military commanders and technology executives met with Google to explore ways to apply technology to the battlefield.

Milo Medin, a Google vice president, turned the conversation to using artificial intelligence in war games. Eric Schmidt, Google’s former boss, proposed using that tactic to map out strategies for standoffs with China over the next 20 years.

A few months later, the Defense Department hired Google’s cloud division to work on Project Maven, a sweeping effort to enhance its surveillance drones with technology that helps machines think and see.

The deal could be worth billions for Google.

One problem stands in the way. America-hating Google employees loathe the idea of helping their country.

According to the Mercury News, almost 4,000 Google employees signed a letter asking Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai to nix the project and halt all work in “the business of war.”

FYI the employees hate President Trump too.

So don’t expect smarter drones to replace your kids on battlefields around the world anytime soon.


One thought on “#Google employees recoil at the thought of helping our troops

  1. No doubt if the worst President in Ameican history had asked for help from Google, these same little poltroons would be tripping all over themselves to help Comrade Barry Soweto Obama.. What disgusting people.. If any are in the country on H1B visas, they should be revoked.


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