#SanFrancisco mayor wants to put hundreds more #killercops on the streets

Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 07.52.57.png
Police brutality is a daily occurrence in San Francisco.

Despite the rampant violence in the city perpetrated by the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Mayor Mark Farrell is expected to unveil a two-year, $34.2 million budget proposal to hire hundreds more officers.

As if the city doesn’t have enough thugs with guns and badges walking the streets already.

Farrell’s proposal calls for the bulk of the money — $22 million — to be put toward hiring 225 police officers over the next four years.

“We’re lucky to have some of the best men and women in our Police Department — we simply don’t have enough of them,” Farrell said.

That’s a pretty clear endorsement of extra-Constitutional killings and the continued Police State war against the poor, the homeless, the mentally-ill and people of color.



One thought on “#SanFrancisco mayor wants to put hundreds more #killercops on the streets

  1. With 32,000 UNSOLVED auto burglaries in San Fran, they need much more than that paltry few.. The crime wave in San Fran is off the hook and low and behold.. the cash cow of tourism is declining because tourists are being robbed daily..


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