#Sacramento’s #white #elites don’t want to be near #peopleofcolor

Screenshot 2018-04-21 at 07.58.07
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Capitol Public Radio reports that urban sociologist Dr. Jesus Hernandez traces the origins of social ills in Sacramento back to decades-old policy decisions that racially divided the city into neighborhoods with disparate access to resources and economic opportunities.

“We can measure every social ill by this geography,” Hernandez explains.

Longtime Sacramento residents know that Dr. Hernandez is simply pointing out a fact that most everyone in the community knows. Sacramento is run by white elites who have segregated the city’s Latino, African-American and Asian communities into ghettos.

The police routinely surge into these ghettos in order to contain residents and prevent them from access into normal society with it’s rights and privileges.

The bottom line: Sacramento’s white elites don’t want to be near people of color.

Race and poverty in Sacramento are not created by the people in a neighborhood, rather they are a direct result of public policy according to Hernandez. This is deliberate. Hernandez’s research is shocking and compelling.

Sacramento may be one of the nations’s most diverse cities, but it is clearly also one of the most brutally racist.


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